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    PSHS System Executive Director, Dr Josette Biyo, made it her mission to reach the EVC campus as soon as news of the scale of devastation was known. She and her team were one of the earliest responders. The PSHS system is very fortunate to have a courageous and compassionate leader in this time of crisis. Following is the report she emailed to the DOST secretary, PSHS personnel, students and alumni.

    Dear Friends,

    Here's an update:

    Mission 1:   To reach PSHS Eastern Visayas Campus in Palo, Leyte at all cost.

     November 11:

    7:00am-  I appealed to PSHS Main Campus during the flag ceremony for financial support to help our faculty, staff, students at PSHS Eastern Visayas.  Was able to raise P50,000.00+ in an hour.

    8:30am-  Went to DOST Bicutan to inform Secretary Mario Montejo of plan to bring support to PSHS EVC.  Spoke during the DOST MANCOM Meeting to relay plans, re:  Mission Palo.  ASTI Director Dennis Villorente sent 6 units of BGAN Satellite phones but we decided to bring only 3 units because we are not sure of route to take, and we prioritized to bring food.  We  only brought backpacks as we were ready to take the motorcycle, or "habal-habal" ride in case we cannot take a van or bus to Palo, Leyte where our campus is

    10:00am-  Purchased boxes of  over the counter drugs- paracetamol and anti-diarrhea.

    2:00pm- Took a flight,Manila to Cebu with Director Lilia Habacon of PSHS Central Luzon Campus.  We arrived Cebu by 3:30pm and were met by three teachers from PSHS Central Visayas Campus, Riza Aguilar, Alco Kenneth Tolentino , and Julius Albina. The five of us planned our "Mission- Palo, Leyte."

    4:00pm-  We contacted General Caringal of Philippine Marines.  He introduced us to us to Commodore Yoma of the Philippine Navy.  Our PSHS TEAM- Mission Palo  proceeded to the Navy Headquarters in Lapu-Lapu City and held a meeting with the officers of Commodore Yoma.  Philippine Navy offered to take us to Tacloban City but their ship was still scheduled to leave on Wednesday.  We cannot wait.  We discussed possible routes, the pros and cons.  Our team decided that the Cebu-Baybay, Leyte- Palo route is the most feasible.  The Navy informed us that there is no update on security, re: route we have chosen.

    As of today, it is still too dangerous to travel to Tacloban City. There is restlessness and disorder.

    5:30pm-  Our team proceeded to SM City Cebu  to buy food items that will fit into our backpacks.  We were informed by the Navy that there is looting and were advised not to be visible that we are bringing much food. Besides, we were ready to take the "Habal-habal" and to walk in the event that we cannot get a van, or a bus ride.

    8:00pm-  We took a boat from Cebu Pier to Baybay, Leyte.  From the plane ride from Manila to Cebu, to the boat from Cebu to Baybay, Leyte, I can't help my tears from falling.  Each time I eat, I cry...I think of the people who have not eaten for four days...

    On the boat, we made contingency plans:  Plan A-  to rent a van, and as soon as we can get a van, to buy as much supplies in Baybay, Leyte for PSHS-EVC.  Plan B: If we cannot get a van, to ride a motorcycle, each one of us, with our backpacks, and also to be ready to walk.

     November 12, 2013

    3:am-  We reached Baybay, Leyte.  It was raining hard.  We waited until about 5am and the two teachers from our team went down and looked for a van. We were able to get a van at about 6am.  However, 6 other men pleaded to ride our van as they are also en route to Palo, Leyte to look for their families.  We agreed. We felt with additional males in the group.  However, we did not have enough space to buy more supplies.  So, we just bought all the bread we can get from Baybay, Leyte and hid these in the available spaces in the floor of the van for fear that we will be looted, or stopped by hungry people.

    6:30am-  We left Baybay, Leyte.  Along the way, we were shocked by the gravity of the devastation. Trees, houses, schools, buildings, schools, churches-  no standing tree nor infrastructure was spared.  The distance between Baybay to Palo was about 120 kilometers.  We could only smile to think of the "habal-habal" or the motorcyle  ride for 120kms that we were ready to take, or the walk that we planned.  We were the only group who was able to get a van to bring us to Palo becuase diesel or gasoline was rationed.  There were women crying, asking to ride with us, but there was no more space.

    From Baybay, Mahaplag, Abuyog, Mac Arthur, Mayorga, Dulag, Tolosa, Tan-awan, and Palo, we saw:

     - all forms of livelihood disappeared;  trees fallen or uprooted, all houses without roofs or have crumbled
     - entire villages swallowed by the Pacific Ocean as evidenced by some remnants, e.g. posts standing, or half-of the houses already in water, damaged concrete fences 
     - dead bodies along the road
    -wrecked cars
     -piles and piles of garbage, etc....
     - people like zombies, children without clothes
     - a lot more devastation, I can't described all of them, but there was wreckage everywhere... From what I saw,  I personally believe that over 50,000 people died from the tragedy.  Storm surges have wiped out villages. Villages swallowed by Pacific Ocean.  Where will they hide, which place is safe?

    10:00am-  We reached Palo,  Leyte. Site devastating.  Crumbled buildings, people waiting for relief goods, etc.  But it seems relief goods are only focused in Tacloban City.  We have not seen distribution of relief goods in the 120 kms that we have  travelled-  from Baybay to Palo.

    We met with PSHS EVC teachers and staff, and some students.  Crying....They said, "Your arrival gave us some sense of hope...".  The site of PSHS- Eastern Visayas also crumbled our hearts:
     - all buildings without roofs
     -Gym, massive destruction
     -all equipment and facilities destroyed
     - about 2,000 people occupying the 1st and 3rd floors of our buildings
     -PSHS EVC and DOST families are housed in the 2nd and 1st floor of the PSHS Girls and Boys Dormitory
     -Personnel count are as follows:  as of date, the following are confirmed dead-  one student, one teacher, school driver.  Many still unaccounted for including 5 security guards 
     - Campus Director Dr. Rey Garnace has been walking everyday, trying to locate our students and their families.
     - We were not able to get news of our PSHS Central Visaays Campus who lives in Tacloban.  It is too dangerous to go to Tacloban, by foot, more so by car.
     - mass burning of dead bodies near our campus

    11:00am-  met with Governor Dominique Petilla of Leyte.  Navy is willing to bring the 50 sacks of rice that we initially want to take to Palo. However, the ship will dock in Tacloban.  We inquired from Gov. Petilla if he can arrange for a truck to bring the sacks of rice from Tacloban to PSHS EVC.  Gov. Petilla said that if the goods will dock in Tacloban, for sure,
    these could not reach Palo.  We then asked for boxes of medicines from Gov. Petilla.  One box of medicine was brought by military men to EVC.

    People came to me for medicines. Old people with injuries- a very pitiful sight.  I started giving pain relievers and antibiotics, until I realized I am not a medical doctor, and had to force myself to stop.

    11:30-  Medical doctors form the CARAGA Volunteer team came to PSHS EVC.
    I felt relieved.

    12:30-  Our team decided to go back to Baybay, Leyte with two security guards from EVC to purchase more goods, as we were already sure of a safe route to take.

    3:30pm-  We arrived Baybay, and panic-buying set in. We purchased all the basic items, most especially canned goods, and sacks of rice that will fit in the van. We arranged them in such a way that these will not be visible from the outside.

    4:30pm-  All of us ate our first meal in a carenderia in front of the store where be bought five sacks of rice.  Food tasted "super delicious."

    5:00pm-  Van with two security guards departed for Palo.  My instruction was, "Don't risk your lives.  If you will be stopped, distribute the goods. Everyone is hungry."

    6:00pm.  Our team proceeded to the ship in Baybay Pier which was expected to depart for Cebu by 8pm.  It was raining heavily.  There was storm signal number 1.

    8:00pm-  Ship departed for Cebu

    8:30pm-  I received a call from Dr. Rey Garmace (thanks to the satellite phone from DOST) that our van of goods has arrived PSHS EVC safely!

    10:30pm-  I woke up from the strong waves and rain.  Looked at my
    companions and they were snoring heavily!  Prayed hard that we could reach
    Cebu safely.

    November 13, 2013

    2:30am-  Our ship docked in Cebu pier.  Mission 1 accomplished!

    9:00am-   I called DOST Secretary Montejo and informed him of our accomplishments.  Also told him of the safest route to take to reach Palo, and how we did it.

    Sec. Montejo and our PSHS Team has planned Mission 2:  Help for Palo and
    nearby areas.

     This afternoon, I, Director Habacon, and a team from PSHS Central Visayas, together with DOST 7, will start preparing for Mission 2.  Financial support is still coming from all PSHS Campuses.  The P50,000 collected from PSHS Main Campus and Office of the Executive Director last Monday was used to buy goods for mission 1.  The P100,000 sent by PSHS Cagayan Valley Campus, and the P69,000 sent by Main Campus today, will be used for Mission 2, together with the support from DOST Secretary.  For Mission 2, the PSHS CvISc INNOVA, DOST van, and another van will bring goods to Palo and nearby areas.

    Director Gene Andres also called up today to inform that a group on PSHS Alumni doctors are organizing a team to do medical mission in Leyte, with the center at PSHS EVC.  I also called PSHS Alumni President, Dr. Jondi Flavier to send antibiotics and tetanus vaccines.  Currently, we are calling parents and medical doctors here in Cebu to donate medicines.  We are doing it our way, and it seems, this is more effective.

    This is all for now.  I have attached some pictures of our damaged campus
    and devastation.

    Thank you for your continued support to PSHS.

     Josette T. Biyo
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    In accordance with SEC guidelines that the officers of the NAA be submitted within one month of the general assembly, the 2014 Board of Directors met last Oct 5 and elected among themselves those who would occupy the various positions. Following are the 2014 incoming board officers. Congratulations!

    Chairman :               Joseph A. Abaya
    Vice-Chairman :     Ma Theresa Ongchangco Diaz
    Secretary :               Gina Santiago Eubanas
    Asst Secretary :     Jan-Michael Espino
    Treasurer :               Sherman Tenorio
    Asst Treasurer :     Kristine Tolod
    Auditor :                   Xennon Yazon
    PRO :                          Vida Soraya Verzosa

    Other roles
    External Auditor :  7Eight Onwards
    Ex-Officio :               Jonathan Flavier
    Legal/s :                    Vida Verzosa, Oliver Baclay, EJ Baranda and Joseph Abaya
  • 17 Oct 2013 11:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Be the next Science Education Institute (SEI) Director !!!

    Undersecretary for Science and Technology of the DOST, Fortunato “Boy” T. de la Peña, invites interested PSHS Alumni to apply for the vacant position of DOST-Science Education Institute Director. 

    The SEI handles the undergraduate scholarship programs given out annually by the DOST.  A good number of us PSHS Alumni were recipients of such undergraduate scholarships. 

    Visit for more information.

    Details of the Position:

    Position                                 :  Director IV

    Item No                                  :  SEIB-DIR4-1-1998

    Salary Grade                         :  SG-28

    Annual Salary                       :  P 812,208.00

    Place of Assignment            :  Office of the Director


    • Education                  :   PhD in any field of Science and Technology (preferred but not required)
    • Experience                :   3 years of supervisory/management experience
    • Eligibility                    :   Career Service Executive Eligibility / Career Executive Service (can be       acquired when already holding the position)

    Those who are qualified may apply or be nominated for the position. A letter of application or nomination must be submitted together with the curriculum vitae with 2X2 photo (indicating applicant’s education, training, experience, awards, positions held, etc.), transcript of records, diploma and Proposed Plans for Science Education Institute to the:

    Human Resource Management Unit, 

    Finance and Administration Division, 

    Science Education Institute, 

    1st Level Science Heritage Bldg., DOST Compound, 

    Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City 

    not later than 06 November 2013.

    Under Section 26 of Executive Order 128, the Science Education Institute was created with the following functions:

    • Undertake science education and training;
    • Administer scholarships, awards and grants;
    • Undertake science and technology manpower development; and
    • Formulate plans and establish programs and projects for the promotion and development of science and technology education and training in coordination with DepEd, CHED and other institutions of learning.

    We hope that there will be a good number from our ranks who will apply and take on the challenge !!

    PSHSNAA Board of Directors

  • 16 Sep 2013 12:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Below is the final and official tally:



    A total of 410 votes were cast - 199 online, 202 onsite, 5 via proxy, and 4 invalidated.
    We apologize for the delay in posting  the results on the Hub. The announcement of winners made during the Homecoming on the 7th of September 2013, when the total tally of the votes cast onsite and online  was completed, is based on the above results. We would like to emphasize that the whole election process - casting and canvassing of votes, was open to the public for observation.

    The 2013 PSHSNAA NomElec 

  • 02 Sep 2013 1:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The list is complete! Click here to view the roster of candidates, their campaign posters, and Resume/ CV.

    Online voting will start on 4 Sept at 0000 hours, and will close on 5 Sept at 2400 hours, PH time.

    Onsite voting will be held during the General Alumni Homecoming on 7 Sept, at the Main Campus Multi-Purpose Gym. Voting will end at 2100 hours. 

    Proxies are accepted during onsite voting. Hard copies of the proxy form will be available at the NAA office at the Main Campus starting 3 Sept, or you can click here to download a soft copy.

    To read more about the NAA's Board of Directors elections, please click on the following links:

    Election Rules

    Campaign Guidelines

    Call for Nominees

  • 24 Aug 2013 2:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Click on the names to view their CVs!

    *Candidates listed in order of filing. Posters are as submitted by candidates/candidates' representatives. Placeholders will be used if no posters are submitted.


  • 21 Aug 2013 5:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Last May 25th, more than a hundred sons and daughters of the PSHS System gathered at the 4F Auditorium of the Main Campus - a first-of-its-kind gathering to get the thoughts and feelings of the Alumni, and help jump-start efforts for the further betterment of our beloved Alma Mater. 

  • 08 Aug 2013 5:48 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     After an eventful first-half of 2013, Dr. Jondi Flavier takes stock of what the  PSHS National Alumni Association has accomplished so far, and what is in  store for everyone in the months leading up to our Alma  Mater's Golden Year.


  • 11 Jul 2013 5:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Mrs. Yazon passed away July 6, 2013. Many of us remember her as our beloved main campus registrar - a position she occupied for 10 years. But she was also English teacher, Head of  Curriculum and Instruction Services Division, and Head of Student Services Division. She owned The Color Purple way before Whoopi Goldberg won the Oscar. We are forever grateful for her love and concern for the PSHS and its scholars. She was a proud and doting mother, grandmother and great grandmother - for these she will be most missed.


    Academic Background:
    • Bachelor of Science in Education (1952) – University of the Eastcum laude(Major in English, Minor in P.E.)
    • Master of Arts in Teaching (1965) –College of Education, University of the Philippines, Diliman
    • With academic units,Doctorate in Educational Administration(1974) – College of Education, UPDiliman
    Professional Experience:
    • Masbate High School – P.E. teacher
    • Agusan National High School – English teacher
    • Philippine Science High School (since 1967 until her retirement in 1994) – where she initially taught English, and later Values Education; 
    • Registrar and Secretary of the PSHS Board of Trustees since 1970s for at least 10 years; and was also designated Head of the Curriculum and Instruction Services Division, and of the Student Services Division. 
    • PSHS Cooperative Inc. –  Founding member
    • PSHS Foundation Inc. – board of trustee for at least 10 yrs. after her retirement
    • Civic Work:
      • Secretary, Barangay UP Village East Homeowners Association 
      • Member of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, UP Village Sangguniang Barangay 2011-2014
    Other Information/ Trivia:

    • Dr. Cleofe M. Bacuñgan was her high school chemistry teacher in La Union (Mrs.Yazon’s birthplace)
    • Widow of Dr. Francisco N. Yazon, M.D., former Dept. Chair of Internal Medicine, Quirino Memorial Medical Center.  Notice that she married a Francisco, almost the same as her name.
    • For her love of planting ornamental plants and fruit trees, she spent most of her free time in her farm in Baras, Rizal.  She was therefore a farmer after her retirement from PSHS.
    • Favorite color: Purple or Violet – the color of royalty, nobility and healing.
    • Birthdate: October 10, 1929
    • Birthplace: Balaoan, La Union
    • Children: Glenn, Amy, Xennon and Jessamyn
    • Grandchildren: 4 boys and 2 girls
    • Great Grandchildren: 1
    • She was a proud and doting mother and grandmother to the following:
    Glenn Vincent O. Yazon (PSHS 1970)
    Ofelia B. Yazon (Glenn’s wife)
    Amaryllis Digna O. Yazon (PSHS 1972)
    Xennon Dionysius O. Yazon (PSHS 1975)
    Lilli Beth SA. Yazon- (Xennon’s Wife - PSHS 1975)
    Jessamyn Marie O. Yazon (PSHS1977)

    Michael Vincent B. Yazon (PSHS 1998)
    Sean Erik B. Yazon 
    Keith Stephen B. Yazon 
    Louie Franciscus SA. Yazon (PSHS 2005)
    Nicole Andrea SA. Yazon (PSHS 2006)
    Alexese Marie SA. Yazon (PSHS 2007)

    Shantelle Louisse L. Yazon
  • 06 Jul 2013 12:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    The PSHS National Alumni Association, through its Nominations and Elections Committee (NOMELEC), is pleased to announce the Call For Nominations for open positions on the PSHS NAA Board of Directors. The positions have a two-year term: January 2014-December 2015. The open call for nominations for the Board of Directors commences on Wednesday, July 10 and concludes on August 31, 2013 at 2400 hrs. Once the roster of nominees is complete, the list shall be posted on the NAA website so you may get to know them better. Online voting will commence on September 4 at 0000 hrs until September 5 at 2400 hrs. On-site voting will be held on the day of the Homecoming, September 7th. All dates and times are in PH time.
    There are eight openings to be filled for 2014-2015.  Include with your nomination(s) the name, title and contact information for the individual(s) and his/her comprehensive resume. Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations should be sent to

    The results of the elections shall be announced during the PSHS NAA General Assembly Meeting on September 7, 2013.

    2014 NOMELEC Chairman 

Admin Building, PSHS Main Campus, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 468 6717    

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