PSHS Launches "Sagip Pisay"

29 Sep 2009 1:27 AM | Deleted user
To the PSHS Community,

We are once again faced with the challenge of coming together to overcome the difficulties brought about by this new calamity. Typhoon Ondoy has affected not only the school but the different families of the PSHS Community.

Updates from everyone

The advisers together with the PTA are now trying to account for everyone in the school. The typhoon has devastated several homes including that of some teachers, staff and students. Some were left on the roof and were only rescued after two days. The worst probably is the death of the sister of senior student Camille Tobillo.

If you know of anyone who needs help please call your adviser or the school at 9240661.

The school also got hit by the flood. 20-30 meters of the fence between the school and the Ombudsman collapsed, allowing flood water to enter the dorms, cafeteria and the SHB. We thank the janitors, staff, teachers and CARE students who took time off from their own personal misery to help clean up the mess.

Official Announcement from PSHS

As of Tuesday morning, the school has decided to suspend classes for the entire week. Classes will resume on October 5. Second Quarter periodic exams will be moved to October 13-15. Teachers are advised to help students who lost their notes and books by providing handouts or helping photocopy other students’ notes.

Lost books cannot be replaced by the school. However, there will be books that may be used in the library.

Sagip Pisay

The Student Alliance quickly responded by launching Sagip Pisay. They are collecting donations for typhoon victims in the PSHS community and if possible other victims as well.

As part of Sagip Pisay, the school has opened its dormitories to temporarily accommodate students, teachers and staff and their families who have no place to stay while their homes are being cleaned.

Each batch has volunteered to man the collection, repacking and even cleanup in PSHS for a half day. The fourth year will start it off today followed by the juniors in the afternoon. The sophomores will be in-charge tomorrow morning and the freshmen tomorrow afternoon. Should a student wish to be a volunteer, he/she should bring the school ID (if he still has it) and a parent’s permit.

Donations may be dropped off anytime at the ASTB Hall. An SA representative will also be present to receive cash donations on hand. Cash donations may also be deposited to the following account:

Philippine Science High School Student Alliance
Savings Account # 0273094121
BPI Timog Circle Branch
Swiftcode BOPIPHMM

However, donations for particular students such as the Topaz student who met an accident last Thursday, the senior student who also met an accident last Friday, and the senior student who lost a sister to the flood should be given directly to the batch advisers or the PTA treasurer.

What to give

Those who were flooded have various needs. We ask for your help in identifying those needs so that they may be matched with the donations. The following may be brought to PSHS for distribution

  • Food: no cook or easy-to-cook meals such as canned goods(can openers will also be appreciated), fruits, bread, noodles, rice
  • Supplies: toiletries, powdered soap, cleaning materials, spoon and fork, blankets, mats
  • Clothes: undergarments, towels, uniforms, shoes, raincoat or umbrella
  • Medical supplies: alcohol, vitamins, bandages, anti-diarrhea, paracetamol, hydrite, decolgen, neozep, diatabs

We would also appreciate if you can lend your vehicles (preferable jeepney, utility vans, or pick up trucks) to help bring the goods to the victimson Friday. If the place cannot be reached then we will ask the victims to meet us in the nearest possible place. We will give whatever is extra to other victims.

You may call 929-1603, 924-0661, 924-0614 or text 0919-9670426 for questions.

Let us once again work together to face this challenge God has given us.

PSHS Management

Admin Building, PSHS Main Campus, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 468 6717    

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