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  • 02 Jul 2015 12:36 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)

    2015 Gawad Lagablab


    The Philippine Science High School National Alumni Association (PSHS NAA) has been celebrating the Gawad Lagablab since 1991. Excellence in academic performance, exceptional achievement in their chosen field of endeavour, and exemplary service to our community and our nation are the main criteria for the selection process. The subsequent staging of the awards were held in 1991, 1993, 1998, 2002, and in 2005, 2008, 2011. 


    The PSHS NAA confers the award to the alumni in recognition of outstanding achievements in their respective fields of endeavour. By bringing pride, honor, and prestige to PSHS, Gawad Lagablab recipients also serve as inspiration and role models worthy of emulation by both fellow alumni and students.

    The selection process also becomes an overview, both for the association and the school, of what its alumni have accomplished through the years.


          PSHS NAA members who have not been Gawad Lagablab awardees are eligible for nomination. But only NAA members of good standing can nominate or endorse a candidate for the awards.

          A non-winning finalist may be included in the next Gawad Lagablab nomination list upon approval of the nominee. There is no limit to the number of times that a nonwinning candidate may be nominated.

          All members of the Gawad Lagablab committee, members of the panel of judges, and all incumbent members of the PSHS NAA BOD are disqualified from being nominated as well as from nominating or endorsing a candidate.


    The candidate’s sponsors must send the following to the PSHS National Alumni Association office (PSHS Diliman Campus, Agham Road, North Triangle Quezon City) or Emailed as a pdf document during the nomination period:

          A nomination letter with the signature of the nominator and the signed endorsements of the candidate by at least five other PSHS alumni.

          A resumé of the candidate’s achievements; at least two pages

          Copies of awards, citations, papers, and other information to support the nomination

    Only nominations received before the close of PSHS NAA business on 15 July 2015 will be considered for the GL for this year. 


    The nomination period is until two months before the awarding schedule – for this year the deadline is 30June to allow time for processing of nominees, proper judging, and awarding this coming year, set for the 28th November 2015

    All nominations submitted after the deadline can no longer be considered for that year’s awards but will automatically be considered for the next awarding year.


    There are seven members of the Gawad Lagablab Board of Judges, composed of the following:

    Ø  DOST Representative 

    Ø  PSHS System Director 

    Ø  PSHS NAA Chairman 

    Ø  PSHS NAA Ex-Officio 

    Ø  Former PSHS Faculty Member 

    Ø  Former PSHS Faculty Member 

    Ø  Former Gawad Lagablab Awardee 


    The Gawad Lagablab is not limited to specific fields of endeavour. Candidates must have displayed extraordinary quality of leadership and must have contributed to Philippine development to be seriously considered for the award. Candidates should have displayed these traits through any one of, but not limited to, the following endeavours:

               Scientific Research (International and local)

                Government Service

                Social Upliftment (e.g. NGO’s, community work)

                Education / Academe

                Business and Industry or Entrepreneurship

                Profession (Medicine, Engineering, Architecture and others) The Arts (Literature, Music, Painting, Film and others)


    The nominee will be judged on:

    1.    Academic Preparation: the extent of the development of his capabilities

    2.    Professional Achievements: the results of the use of his capabilities

    3.    Community Involvement Contribution: the benefit of his achievements to the nation


          Academic Preparation

                Educational Degrees Completed

                            College Degree / Masteral Degree / Doctoral Degree

                Other Courses, Training

                            Seminars / Certificate Programs (at least 6 months)

                Awards and Distinctions

                            Dean’s List of Honors / High Honors / Highest Honors / Others


          Professional Accomplishment and Community Involvement         



                    Small Group / Neighborhood / Organization Town size / Medium-large


                    Province / Region / National / International


             Length of time before realization for benefits

                    More than 3 years / Up to 3 years / Up to one year / Up to 6 months / Ongoing /                 Already in effect


             Duration  (of effect on the population or organization)

                    Less than 6 months / One year / Three years / Five years / Ten years / More than 10 years

                    Involvement (degree of participation in the activity or accomplishment)

                         Followership / First line leadership / Middle Leadership / Top Leadership

                    Activity (for community work or social upliftment)

                         Dole out / Service / Training / Organization

                    Awards (for both professional and community involvement)                      Local / Regional / National / International

    To learn more about the Gawad Lagablab, including past awardees, please click here.

  • 13 Nov 2014 12:32 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)

    The PSHS NAA, in cooperation with the Pisay 92 Foundation, will say thank you with an exclusive, limited-edition Pisay Watch token for a minimum donation of PHP 6,000 (or USD 140). Proceeds will be used to support various PSHS NAA (e.g. Gawad Lagablab, Natatanging Guro, etc) and Pisay 92 Foundation (Upgrade of the Main Campus observatory, telescopes for regional campuses) projects.

    For information on how to donate, you may email us at, or give us a call at +63 936 9453356.

    Only 600 watches will be given away, so contact us now to get yours!

  • 09 Sep 2014 12:09 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)

    Below are the results of the 2014 PSHS NAA BoD Elections:

    The seven (7) candidates with the most votes are elected to serve in the years 2015 and 2016.

    In addition, the two items for ratification are carried, to wit:

    1. Proposed amendments to the PSHS NAA Constitution and By-Laws, with 244 votes (95 online, 149 onsite)

    2. Amend the principal office of the PSHS NAA, with 256 votes (95 online, 161 onsite)

    A total of 295 members cast their votes - 99 online and 196 onsite. Three votes were invalidated. There were no votes cast via proxy.


    The 2014 PSHS NAA NOMELEC 

  • 22 Aug 2014 4:22 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)

    Below is the list of official candidates for seats in the PSHS NAA Board Of Directors:

    Borra, Allan

    Buenafe, Roman

    Chupungco, Ana

    Dajac, Glen Martin

    David, Efraim

    Erestain, Joel

    Esguerra, Joel

    Simpas, Joyce

    You may click on the names to download and view their respective CVs.

    You may download the proxy ballot here.

    You may click here to view the candidates' campaign poster.

  • 28 Jul 2014 11:15 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)

    The PSHS National Alumni Association, through its Nominations and Elections Committee (NOMELEC), is pleased to announce the Call For Nominations for open positions on the PSHS NAA Board of Directors. The positions have a two-year term: January 2015 - December 2016. The open call for nominations for the Board of Directors commences today, July 28 and concludes on August 30, 2014 at 2400 hrs. The profiles of the nominees shall be posted on the NAA Hub on a first-come, first-served basis so you may get to know them better. Online voting will commence on September 3 at 0000 hrs until September 5 at 2400 hrs. On-site voting will be held on the day of the Homecoming, September 6th. All dates and times are in PH time.


    There are seven openings to be filled for 2015 - 2016.  Include with your nomination(s) the name, title and contact information for the individual(s) and his/her comprehensive resume. Self-nominations are welcome. Nominations should be sent to


    The results of the elections shall be announced during the PSHS NAA General Assembly Meeting on September 6, 2014.


    Jondi Flavier

    2014 PSHS NAA NOMELEC Chairman

  • 19 Jun 2014 9:35 AM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)
  • 19 Jun 2014 9:30 AM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)

    Proceeds will help fund Alumni projects and initiatives!

    If interested, please contact Carlo Subido B82 or Jan Espino B92.
  • 26 May 2014 2:45 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)
    Dear fellow alumni,

    During the summer of 2013, "A National Alumni Convention", now more popularly known as ANAC, was launched successfully. This time around, your National Alumni Association will be calling for a constitutional convention, following the resolutions and recommendations culled from last year.

    Together as an alumni body, we endeavour to review the current Constitution and By-laws in order to arrive at meaningful and appropriate proposals for the revision of the existing PSHS NAA Constitution and By-laws. We will be guided by lawyers among our alumni in crafting the proposed revisions in the breakout sessions. The event's output will be brought forward to the General Assembly for ratification during the Alumni Homecoming in September. The over-arching objective is to come up with an instrument more responsive to the growing Pisay community, encompassing all alumni based both locally and internationally.

    This year's A National Alumni Convention: A Constitutional Convention, or ANAC 2, for short, will be held on 5 July 2014, Saturday, at the PSHS Main Campus in Diliman. This is to invite two (2) representatives per batch, from each campus, to please attend. All participants to the convention must be alumni of good standing, with updated membership dues either as Lifetime Members or with annual dues paid up on or before the event.

    Each batch may choose their representatives or assign a liaison officer in the meantime that they have not identified their participants. The programme and copy of the current Constitution and By-laws shall be sent to the batch representatives once confirmed. For those coming from the regions who may need it, we are looking to arrange for lodging in the campus dormitories in order to promote a real System-wide participation. Kindly finalise the names of your respective participants by way of reply to this letter, including their email addresses and contact numbers. The deadline for submission of the names of representatives will be on June 15, 2014.

    A post-convention fellowship will be held immediately after the event, venue to be announced in due course. Don't miss it!

    For any questions/clarifications, you can contact any of the ANAC2 registration committee, their email details provided below.

    Head, ANAC 2
    Chairman, PSHS NAA

    ANAC2 Registration Committee:

    Kristine Tolod Wen Del Rosario Raymundo Roy Canseco

    Aida delos Reyes Mikey Eubanas Sherman Ternorio

    Jocelyn Sanchez-Mendoza Susan Warren-Mercado

  • 26 May 2014 2:05 PM | Jan-Michael Espino (Administrator)
    As part of the Pisay@50 Golden Celebration, the PSHS National Alumni Association recently held the Pisay Cup 2014 at the Philippine Navy Golf Club on May 7, 2014. The tournament raised over PHP 300,000 which will be used to fund the NAA's various projects, such as the Natatanging Guro Awards, Gawad Lagablag, and other worthwhile projects and initiatives.

    PSHS NAA Chairman and DOTC Secretary Joseph Abaya (B'83) was the tournament's guest of honor. Members of the organizing committee include NAA BoD members Jun Bucayan (B'80), Gina Eubanas (B'83) and Jan Espino (B'92), Mikey Villanueva (B'86), and tournament director Carlo Subido (B'82). Dan del Rosario (B'85) and Irwin Cafugauan (B'88) designed the event's posters and other marketing materials. 

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