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    We're compiling a list of notable alumni.  Below is the starting list which I'm sure is by no means complete.  Please contribute who's missing from this list.  I've created this topic for this purpose.  Thanks!


     Gonzalo Puga (Batch 1969): Consultant, SciTech International; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Applied Sciences, Nuclear Medicine (1991)
    Relicardo Coloso, PhD (Batch 1970): Head , Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for research (1991)
    Rosalia Mercado-Simmen, PhD (Batch 1969): one of the world’s leading researchers in the biology of reproduction, having been published and recognized widely for her work on reproduction, endocrinology, physiology, and biophysics; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Medical Science Research (2005)
    Sylvia Sta. Ines-Tsao, PhD (Batch 1974); owner of three US patents on silicon insulator and advanced microelectric materials Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Materials Technology(1998)
    Rodel Lasco, PhD (Batch 1977): multi-awarded and highly respected scientist in the field of natural resources conservation and environmental management; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Agroforestry (1998)
    Jose Manuel Serrano Jr (Batch 1978): Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Applied Natural Sciences (1993)
    Cymbeline Tancongco Culiat, PhD (Batch 1978): Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, NellOne Therapeutics, Inc.; prolific contributor to scientific journals and other publications, and a frequent speaker at academic conferences, inventor on various patent applications related to the clinical applications of the Nell1 protein in tissue regeneration.
    Luis Tupas, PhD (Batch 1979): National Program Leader for Global Change and Climate for the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service of the US Department of Agriculture; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Research on Oceanography (2005)
    Rolly E. Rimando, PhD (Batch 1979); Geologist, Philippine Institute of Volcano logy and Seismology; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Geology (2005)
    Jesus Noel S. Villasenor, PhD (Batch 980); Space Plasma Physicist, member of the Scientific Team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Space Research; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Physics (1998)
    Maria Corazon Abogado de Ungria, PhD (Batch 1985): Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008) for promoting the development of forensic DNA technology in the country. Awards include The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service in Science (TOWNS) in 2007, and The Outstanding Young Men award (TOYM) in 2005.
    Engineering and Information Technology
    • Roberto S. Verzola (Batch 1969); Executive Director, Philippine Greens Institute; IT specialist; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Applied Sciences, Computer Technology (!991)
    Ramon L. Jocson (Batch 1977); Director of e-Business for IBM ASEAN/South Asia; Former President & Managing Director IBM Philippines, Incorporated; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for IT Services and Strategic Outsourcing (2002)
    Delfin Jay M. Sabido IX (Batch 1983): named one of the 50 Great Men and Women of Science by DOST in 2008 and one of the 18 Luminaries of Philippine ICT by the Metropolitan Computer Times in 2002; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Information Technology and Micro-Electronics (2002)

    • Ernesto Baello, M.D. (Batch 1969): one of the country's top cardiologists, recipient of the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Philippine Heart Association, Inc.-Philippine College of Cardiology in 2001; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Applied Science, Medicine (1991)
    Magdalen A. Barcelon, MD (Batch 1969): Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Community Service (2005)
    Virginia Irene Reyes-Santos, MD (Batch 1971-A): Childhood TB Advocate community worker; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Community Service (2008)
    Rafael Consunji, MD (Batch 1983): general and trauma surgeon at the Philippine General Hospital; Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) Awardee for Community Service and Medicine in 2006; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008)
    Ma. Brenda E. Carbonilla, MD (Batch 1985); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Community Service in Medicine (1998)
    Rolando Eric Domingo, MD (Batch 1985): Director, Philippine General Hospital; Former Department of Health Assistant Secretary for Health Regulations

    • Reynaldo B. Vea, Ph. D. (Batch 1969): President, Mapua Institute of Technology and former Dean, UP College of Engineering; elected Academician by the National Academy of Science and Technology in 2001; one of DOST's 50 Great Men & Women of Science (2008); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Science and Technology Education (1993)
    Titos Anacleto O. Quibuyen, Ph. D. (Batch 1969): Professor, Institute Of Environmental Science & Meteorology, UP Diliman; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Scientific Research (1993)
    Zosimo Lee, Ph. D. (Batch 1970): Dean, UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1970)
    Jose Danilo Silvestre (Batch 1974): Dean, UP College of Architecture
    Edgardo Atanacio (Batch 1971): UP Board of Regents Member; Former Dean, UP College of Engineering; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2002)
    Efren F. Abaya, PhD (Batch 1972): Chair, UP Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering; awarded Most Outstanding Electrical Practitioner in Education by the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1993)
    Priscilla Supnet Macansantos, PhD (Batch 1972): Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Baguio, Palanca Awardee
    Adolfo Jesus R. Gopez, PhD (Batch 1973): President, FEATI University; awarded Outstanding Metallurgical of 1995 by the Philippine Regulatory Commission and the Philippine Technological Council; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1998)
    Ma. Emma Concepcion D. Liwag, PhD (Batch 1977); Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Children and Families (1998)
    Carlos Arcilla, PhD (Batch 1977): Director, National Institute for Geological Sciences, UP Diliman
    Victoria Espaldon, PhD (Batch 1978): Dean, UP Los Baños, School of Environmental Science and Management; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008)
    Arnel A. Salvador, PhD (Batch 1979): Director, National Institute of Physics, UP Diliman; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Scientific Research – Physics (2008)
    Arnulfo P. Azcarraga, PhD (Batch 1979): Associate Vice Chancellor for External Relations, De La Salle University; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Academe, Information Technology (2005)
    Rowena Cristina Guevara, Ph. D. (Batch 1980): first woman Dean of the UP College of Engineering; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008); Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Teacher (2010)

    Business and Finance
    • Gil M. Raposas (Batch 1969); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Business and Industry (1991)
    Jaime del Rosario (Batch 1971): former SGV partner and Accenture CEO; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2002)
    Isabelo P. Africa (Batch 1971-A): Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Industry, Insurance (2008)
    Marcelino C. Mendoza (Batch 1971-A): Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Industry, Housing Development (2008)
    Jaime M. Santiago (Batch 1971-B): Executive Vice- President, First Life Financial Company, Inc.; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Actuarial Mathematics (1998)
    Irving C. Guerrero (Batch 1971-B): Executive Vice- President, First Life Financial Company, Inc.; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Quality Management (1998)
    Elise Acio-Del Rosario (Batch 1972); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Operations Research (1998)
    Jose Ma Esteban III (Batch 1973: Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Business and Industry (1993)
    Joselito H. Sibayan (Batch 1975: President and CEO, Mabuhay Capital Corporation; Former Vice-Chairman, Investment Banking-Philippines, and Former Philippine Country Manager for Credit Suisse/First Boston (CSFB). Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Industry – Banking and Finance (2008)
    Gil Genio (Batch 1976): Managing Director Ayala Corporation, Globe Telecom Head – Carrier Services; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2002)
    Ramon Castillo (Batch 1977): Founder, Innovatronix, Inc. ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Entrepreneurship (1993)
    Carlos Antonio Berba (Batch 1981): Chairman and Director, San Miguel Brewing International; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2005)
    Remus C. Villanueva (Batch 1985); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Entrepreneurship (2005)
    Zeus C. Villanueva (Batch 1987); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Entrepreneurship (2002)

    Politics, Law, and Governance
    Mario Taguiwalo (Batch 1969): Department of Health Undersecretary (1986–1992), political theorist, and occasional actor; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008)
    Cielito Habito (Batch 1970): Former Director General of the National Economic and Development Authority; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1991)
    Romeo Recide (Batch 1971-B): Director, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Science Education (1991)
    Vicente R. Romano III (Batch 1972); Undersecretary for Tourism Development, Department of Tourism; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Public Service (2002)
    Roselmo Z. Doval-Santos PhD (Batch 1975); Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Community Service (2002)
    Joseph Abaya: Congressman, 1st district of Cavite; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008)
    Linus C. Villanueva (Batch 1982): Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Social Upliftment (1998)

    • Hermogenes Esperon (Batch 1970): General; Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2002)
    Rogelio Calunsag (Batch 1970): Navy Chief Vice Admiral; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008)

    Social Services
    • Antonio Tujan (Batch 1969): Ibon Philippines executive director and civil society leader; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2005)
    Roberto Verzola (Batch 1969): computer scientist and social critic; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1991)
    Soliman M. Santos, Jr. (Batch 1970): Peace Advocate and Lawyer; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Peace and Human Rights Advocacy (2008)
    Vicky Tauli-Corpuz: (Batch 1971-A): Indigenous People's Rights advocate; Chair, United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1993)
    Ma. Amihan V. Abueva (Batch 1975): President, ECPAT Philippines; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Children’s Protection Advocacy (2008)

    Arts and Humanities
    • Lore Reyes (Batch 1969): popular film and TV director; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1998)
    Nestor Jardin (Batch 1970): President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1993)
    Joel Magus P. Navarro (Batch 1970): composer and artist; Gawad Lagablab Awardee for Arts, Music (1991)
    Butch Dalisay (Batch 1971-A): writer, editor, columnist, Palanca Awardee; ; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (1991)
    Jessica Zafra (Batch 1982): fiction writer, columnist, editor, publisher, former television and radio show host, Palanca Awardee
    Auraeus Solito (Batch 1986): filmmaker, director of the internationally-acclaimed "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros", "Tuli", and "Pisay"; Gawad Lagablab Awardee (2008)

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    FYI Nestor Jardin is Batch 1969.

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    Delfin ay Sabido is Batch 84
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    Benita S. Padilla, MD.Nephrologist - she was a Lagablab awardee last time. batch 75

    she was an awardee together with Danilo Silvestre and Miriam Coronel, and Ana Bayle.

    there is a certain symmetry, She received the award for Amihan Abueva and Amihan received the award for her.  Danny is the brother of batchmate Mianne Silvestre, MD.

    Miriam Coronel is the sister of my gradeschool batchmate, Sheila Coronel and Ana Bayle was my bus mate in first year at the Marcos-style classroom. She was second year.


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    Virginia Irene r santosmd

    Beatles Mendoza Berba has also been awarded Gawad Lagablab at the Edsa Shangrila - her being class valedictorian, board topnothcher in Chem engineering and  regional director of Kohnson and Johnson 

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